Things To Do in Seabrook

Seabrook is the perfect place to vacation-you can relax and do almost nothing, or have a very active trip! This list is by no means exhaustive, but lists some things we like to do in Seabrook:

Go to the beach: The beach is fun any time of year. The best time for beachcombing and finding shells is at low tide. Your Welcome to Seabrook bag from the rental office should contain a tide timetable. If not, there is one in the kitchen drawer near the telephone. There are three main accesses to the beach. There are two sets of steps from the Ocean Promenade and a trail to the beach through the woods to the Elk Creek Promenade. The beach at Seabrook is bounded by Elk Creek to the South and Joe Creek to the North (the town of Pacific Beach is on the North side of Joe Creek). On the beach it is fun to look for shells, fly a kite, or build a sand castle. Friendly dogs can be off leash on the beach, but do pick up their waste.

Young fort designers pondering all the options...

Young fort designers pondering all the options...

Build a Fort: With miles of sand and driftwood the options are limited only by your imagination. Will it be a simple lean-to or something sturdy to withstand the elements? 

Examples of the three different types of clam sign: volcano, keyhole, and donut.

Dig for clams: The beach at Seabrook is known for its razor clams. If you do not have your own gear, you can get it at Lil’s pantry. They also have a large utility sink outside for rinsing your clams. Razor clam season generally runs from October to May, but you can only dig for clams on certain days. The number of days for clamming is determined by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife based on a summer population analysis. You need a Shellfish license, which you can get online. Just about everything you need to know about digging for Razor clams is on the Fish and Wildlife site:

Fly a kite: We do get some breezy days at the coast. Good places to fly a kite are at the beach, or in the village green near downtown. If you did not bring a kite, several merchants including Blind Dog Books and Siren Salvage/Crafty Christine sell kites. There is also a large kite shop in Ocean Shores at the Boardwalk Shops.

Welcome! Build a Gnome house! 

Make a Gnome house: On the pathway to the beach off the Elk Creek Promenade you will find a colony of gnomes. Young visitors to Seabrook have thoughtfully constructed the gnome houses either using natural materials found on-site or materials brought to the site. A fun place to visit even if you do not build a house.

 Ride your bike: Hop on one of our beach cruisers and ride around town, or if you brought a mountain bike, ask Cottage Rentals for a map of bike trails around Seabrook.

Roast S’mores: There are several fire pits around Seabrook that are perfect for roasting S’mores. They are marked on the Seabrook map. The closest one to our house is two blocks away at Crescent Park.

Photo by Seabrook Cottage Rentals

Swim at the Pool: The indoor pool with Jacuzzi is a fun place for young and old. It is located at the entrance to Crescent Park. You will get a key to the pool when you check in.

Play horseshoes or Bocce ball:  Sites are indicated on the Seabrook map.

Paint some pottery: The studio Colors is a great place to spend part of a day if you are feeling a creative urge. Your special project will usually be fired in the kiln and ready for you to take home the next day.

Visit the Bookstore: Blind Dog Books will be taking a seasonal sabbatical Fall of 2013, but will hopefully be back open soon. It has classics, books for kids, best-sellers, and books of regional and local interest.

Take Fido to his or her own boutique: get some special treats, a doggie sweater, or a fun toy for the beach for your pet at The Salty Dog.

Make a paving tile: Look for the silver Airstream trailer. Crafty Christine will help you create your own paving tile, or browse through her collection of jewelry and fun and funky décor as well as games and toys.

Play with Halocopters. In your Welcome bucket we include two Halocopters (one of our favorite toys). These toys are a great way to spend an hour outside. You can get more Halocopters from Christine if you want more while here at Seabrook or online at

Furnish your home: Seaworthy Home has a selection of new and vintage beach themed décor so you can take a little bit of the Sea back home with you.

Get decked out in Seabrook-wear: the cottage rentals office has a selection of Seabrook t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other attire to remind you of your trip here.

Go for a walk: enjoy the varied architecture of Seabrook-from quaint cottages to stately homes, a walk through Seabrook is always fun. Don’t miss the Dorothy Anderson cabin being restored at the opposite end of Crescent Park from the pool. You can learn more about Dorothy Anderson, born in Norway, and an early ocean beach lover, here:

Pet or ride a pony. The Windgate Equestrian Center recently opened. See what fun services they offer: