Photo by Mill 109 Restaurant & Pub

If you get tired of cooking, there are a couple options of places to eat in Seabrook and a few further away. At Seabrook, the market, Lil’s Pantry has hot and cold sandwiches (including a delicious French Dip!), frozen entrées, and a take-and-bake pizza that is quite good. They also have a full range of espresso drinks and can make you a tasty breakfast sandwich. The restaurant, Mill 109 is open for dinner every night, and breakfast and lunch on the weekends. The food is good, but on busy weekends there can be a wait for a table. One thing we sometimes do is go there a bit early, put your name on the list and give them your cellphone or the phone number here at the house. They will call you when your table is ready.

Pacific Beach

This little town is about one mile north of Seabrook. One hidden find that is extremely reasonably priced and has good food is The Windjammer. You won’t find anything fancy here, but we have enjoyed their pizza and sandwiches. We have heard that their breakfasts are good. The ambiance is nothing fancy, and the facility is part of the US Navy’s hospitality services, but the general public can go there. Surf House Espresso has a full range of espresso drinks, ice cream, milkshakes, waffles, chowder, and breakfast sandwiches. A third place that we have tried is the SeaGate Tavern. It is just up the road towards Moclips. It does not look like a lot from the outside (or the inside-has a tavern décor), but has offers surprisingly tasty food. The pizza is quite good, and the cook’s specialties are homemade fettuccine alfredo and local pan-fried oysters.


A couple more miles up the road is the Moclips General Store. The store has take-out sandwiches, corn dogs, and pizza as well as lunch specials. Generous portions and reasonable prices. The General Store also has groceries and beverages if you need something.

Ocean Shores

There are about 30 restaurants in Ocean Shores, about 16 miles south of Seabrook. Cuisines available include American, pizza, Irish, Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and, of course, seafood. Red Genie Pizza has good pizza and a fun, rustic atmosphere.


Aberdeen is a bit of a trip for dinner, but has a number of restaurants. We have not had too many meals in Aberdeen, but one place we can wholeheartedly recommend if you would like a change of pace is La Salvadorena Restaurant, 422 West Wishkah street. Just like it sounds, they serve food from El Salvador. If you have not tried this cuisine before, you are in for a treat! Everything is made when you order it, so it is not particularly fast but delicious. We recommend you try the pupusas –the national dish of El Salvador. A pupusa is like a puffy, stuffed homemade tortilla with a pork, chicken, or vegetarian filling. Very different, inexpensive, and delicious!


Lil’s Pantry in Seabrook has many of the staples you may need including milk, butter, eggs, and vegetables, as well as a selection of wine, beer, and gourmet foods. The Moclips General Store is also a small basic grocery store. The Voss Acres fruit and vegetable stand is ten miles from Seabrook on Ocean Beach Road. They offer delicious fresh produce. The closest large grocery store is the IGA in Ocean Shores. Aberdeen has a number of grocery stores and fruit and vegetable stands as well as a meat and seafood shop as you first enter town. There is a large Top Foods next to the Walmart.